What is a Social Handshake?

There are many ways to contribute to a better world. One can give, volunteer, express or engage to do good in any other way. A Social Handshake is a synonym for doing good. If you actively contribute to a better world, you have a Social Handshake! You can also think of it is as the positive counterpart of a carbon-footprint. While it is very important to decrease our carbon-footprint, it is equally important to increase our doing good or Social Handshake. What is your Social Handshake?


For people

Every person can do good and have a Social Handshake. Your Social Handshake can be small or large. You can even have multiple Social Handshakes! Your Social Handshake says something about who you are, your passions, and what you stand for. One may volunteer in an animal shelter, another may give generously to combat a disease, and yet someone else may strike against climate change. One can even do all of the above! What is your Social Handshake?



For organizations

Every organization/company can do good and have a Social Handshake. A large corporate may give a % of their profit to charity, a bakery may provide bread for the homeless, or a law firm may do pro-bono legal work. More and more organizations have a Social Handshake tailored to their qualities, values and employee wishes. Organizations who want to be better for the world, can both decrease their footprint, and increase their Social Handshake. Both are important. Both are needed. What is the Social Handshake of your organization?



Create/ improve your Social Handshake.

Often there's a discrepancy between our actual Social Handshake, and what we would want it to be. Therefore we make it easier for organizations and people to engage in, or increase their Social Handshake. Please contact us to find out what fits for your organization.